Unconventional Magazine

Welcome to our first magazine – Unconventional.

All of us at Unconventional Conventions love sharing stories, whether it is telling them, or hearing them. This magazine reflects our ethos - that our trips are more than just holding conferences in fascinating places, but so much more.

Since 1980, Unconventional Conventions has developed and refined our travel / conference model. As directors, the Cunich family are extremely proud of what we provide for our guests and feel privileged to share these experiences with you. You can read more about this in Margot’s article at the back of the magazine.

As fellow professionals, we understand you. Utilising our wealth of knowledge in the business and our established network, we scour the world to hand pick destinations, activities, and local people to craft a unique experience for you to enjoy. Some of the articles in the magazine delve into such activities.

Our Academic Advisory Committee and reputation sets us apart from our competitors, enabling us to procure a variety of distinguished presenters who deliver engaging and relevant topics at each and every conference.

With over 70 conferences under our belt and our finely-honed systems, we are welcoming a broader range of participants by offering tours from inexpensive family-friendly to adventurous and physically active to luxurious conferences, in small and large groups. The bucket-list section of the magazine will give you a taste of what is to come.

We believe we are unique in the industry because of our personal, hands-on approach. Our team of dedicated travel agents, office staff and directors are involved in the entire process from inception through to delivery of our programs. We have built an amazing camaraderie within our team and welcome all our travellers as family. Over the years we have formed lasting friendships with our colleagues from across Australia, and the world, and are delighted to meet up with them time and again on our trips

We hope you enjoy the magazine and that it inspires you to join us on one of our unforgettable journeys.

Margot Cunich            Mark Cunich            Rod Cunich                 

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