Join us for this once in a lifetime MUST – a trip to the land of the Incas. Pass through valleys where fertile terraced gardens teeter on the sides of impossibly steep mountains. Visit quaint market towns where local Indians in colourful outfits, topped with incongruous “white-man” black bowler hats sell all manner of produce and fabulous crafts. Explore Cuzco, the hub of the Inca civilisation. And of course, the highlight, Machu Picchu - “Lost City of the Incas” – the most extraordinary construction hidden away in the dense cloud forest of the Andes. Breathtaking!

If you are moderately fit you have the option of walking the last section of the Inca Trail arriving at the Sun Gate to the awesome vista of the ruins spread out below.


Monday 7 November 2016 - Rio de Janeiro - Lima

Arrive in Lima in the afternoon.

Accommodation:  JW Marriott Hotel

Tuesday 8 November 2016 - Lima-Cuzco-Sacred Valley

This morning fly from Lima to Cuzco and to the Sacred Valley. This afternoon visit Pisac, a market village, a hotch-potch of terracotta-roofed mudbrick houses. See every day life, shop for wonderful local handicrafts. You may even find a shop with a wood-fired oven where they are knocking up a meal of guinea pig – a local delicacy!

Accommodation: Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel

Wednesday 9 November 2016  - Sacred Valley – Machu Picchu        

A scenic train ride brings you to the famed Machu Picchu. It exceeds all expectations. Learn of the ingenious construction methods of the Incas, their sophisticated astronomical knowledge, their religion and rituals. Most of all you will be gob-smacked by the location of the city – it is perched fortress -like atop a mountain surrounded by impenetrable cloud forest.

Optional Walking – Inca Trail 8 hours hike:  Follow the path of the ancients, passing through lush forest and other Inca ruins to arrive at the Machu Picchu Sun Gate. Looking down on the iconic vista of the Lost City, is one of life’s great experiences.

Accommodation:  Inkaterra Pueblo Hotel

Thursday 10 November 2016 - Machu Picchu - Cuzco                     

Both groups return to Machu Picchu this morning for a second visit. The walking group will have a guided tour and the train group are free to explore on their own. This evening travel down the mountain to Cuzco by train by a series of switch-back manoeuvres, the city lights twinkling below.

Accommodation: - JW Marriott, Cuzco 

Friday 11 November 2016 - Cuzco

This morning our city tour will introduce you to its amazing colonial heritage. Visit the Temple of the Sun where you can appreciate the incredible masonry of the Incas. Visit the Cathedral with its intricately carved woodwork and extravagant gold and silver altars. Continue with a drive to the Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman, a colossal monument overlooking Cuzco.

A special evening to bid farewell to this amazing country before you return home.

Accommodation: - JW Marriott, Cuzco 

Saturday 12 November 2016 - Cuzco - Lima - Santiago - Australia

Depart Cuzco early this morning for your flight home.

End of arrangements.
Please note that this itinerary and costs may be subject to change.