Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Program

What is the lecture program?

Each of our conference programs is individually designed to address current topics of interest and relevance to Australian professionals and their practices. The program is developed over a 12-month period in consultation with the Academic Advisory Committee and is finalised within 3-months of the conference start date. 

What are the topics?

The topics are chosen based on developments in Australia and issues being faced in the host country. The topics are generally published 5 months before the start of the conference. Topics for individual conferences are listed under Academic Program section of each conference’s section of the web site.

Is the academic program certified?

Unconventional Conventions is an RACGP accredited education provider and our medical conferences are certified by the RACGP and ACCRM. Our dental conferences all comply with section 4 of the Dental Board of Australia’s Guidelines on Continued Professional Development in supplying certifiable CPD hours.

Who sponsors the program?

We accept no sponsorship. This gives us a free hand in designing a professional program to suit our delegates.

Are the conferences tax deductible?

Claiming a tax deduction for overseas conferences and related travel can be a complicated issue. Whether claiming a personal deduction as a self-education expense or through your practice as a business expense, you should always consult your accountant or tax advisor.

Unconventional Conventions aims to ensure that the combination of lectures, workshops, hospital visits, training activities and clinics in the community make up more than 50% of daily activities during the main conference tour.  

This is not a medical junket or dental junket, or an excuse for a tax deductible holiday, you will be required to attend a considerable amount of lectures and a role will be taken.

will my college recognise these cpd points?

Each college has its own set of CPD criteria which we have summaries below. In essence, due to our accreditation with the Australian colleges, and our long standing reputation, the CPD content should be recognised with your college. The information below is a guide only.

Royal College of General Practitioners (UK) - 
If you are a British GP you need to record details of the conference in your log book. This should include date and title, time taken, key lessons learned and a reflection on impact on practice or any changes made as a result of learning.  

College of Family Physicians of Canada - 

If you are a Canadian GPs you will self-report. You can claim certified credits for conference components  which are accredited for "Category 1" points in RACGP system. For example, our Active Learning Modules, which are included in most conferences.  Please contact us to check

The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners -

Any activity that is endorsed by RACGP and taking place in Australia can be claimed as an endorsed activity by NZ GPs. Any activities that are completed overseas other than in Australia need to be claimed in the ‘individually planned learning activity’ section or under ‘practice improvement activity’. For these activities you will need to fill in the appropriate RNZCGP form.

Dental Board of Australia

CPD activities for dentists are self assessed and must maintain, improve and broaden the knowledge, expertise and competence, and
develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout a dentist's professional lives. All our programs are independent, scientifically based and comply with Section 4 of DBA guidelines.

American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) -

If you are an American Family Physician you can claim Enrichment points as part of your Live CME. The maximum enrichment points counted per reelection cycle is 25.

Royal College of Physicians (UK) -

You should record all or part of the conference contents which you believe to reinforce existing good practice or to provide new knowledge. You need to document the learning achieved.

Royal Australasian College of Physicians (NZ) -

You should submit the activity into your online account (including the number of hours involved), and this will automatically allocate credits as applicable (most activities have a value of 1 credit per hour). You will receive a certificate of attendance and the academic program schedule to attach as evidence.

Royal Australasian College of Physicians (Australia) -

As the RACP MyCPD program is a self-directed and self-reporting tool you can record and report on all or part of the conference you judge relevant to the scope of your practice and claim the activity for CPD credits. 

Nursing and Midwife Board of Australia  -

The NMBA recognises that people learn in different ways. Accordingly, CPD may include formal and informal learning activities. CPD activities must be relevant to your area of professional practice, and have clear aims and objectives that meet your self-assessed requirements.


How do I register?

Registrations can be made online with links from the web site to the external online booking system. Alternatively registrations can be made by fax or post. Please contact us for the paper registration forms.

When should I register?

Registrations open 12-18 months before the conference start date. Some conferences have limited capacity and have been know to sell out over 12 months in advance, so if you are interested please book soon. The vast majority of delegates register and begin to organise their travel arrangements before the final conference program is published.


Early Bird Specials

Early bird specials are offered on some conferences for early bookings. Discounts available and cut off dates are listed under each conference.

Group bookings

For groups of 6 or more people booking together, groups discounts can be arranged prior to the booking being made. Please discuss this with Unconventional Conventions staff.

Conference Package / Travel Program 

What is included in the conference package?

We have put together a package with the conference, which includes travel, accommodation, tours and some meals. The purpose of this is to make the booking process as simple and time efficient for you as possible.

Which travel agents do you use?

Convention Travel Pty Ltd (License No: 2TA6010) is a registered travel agency providing travel services exclusively to Unconventional Conventions’ delegates. There are currently 3 travel agents.

Can I make changes to the travel itinerary?

Once you have registered and confirmed your place on the conference, the agent in charge of that conference can assist you to make chances to your travel itinerary.

Are there any strenuous activates?

Most of our programs include a standard amount of walking, and occasionally there will be more strenuous activities which you may be able to sit out. If you are unsure of your ability to participate please contact us so we can arrange appropriate requirements.  


Each package is different, and the inclusion or exclusion of GST will be clearly indicated on the costs page. In general, GST is not applicable to international travel. If you have further questions please contact our office, your accountant or visit the AFTA information page.


Who attends the conferences?

Our delegates are from across Australia and all types of practices. The balance of social and academic activities are designed to make attending an Unconventional Conventions conference suitable for a broad range of people - professional couples, professionals whose partners are practice managers, professionals with long-suffering partners who do not participate in their practices, friends and people traveling alone. Some wonderful friendships have developed amongst our regular travelers.

Can I bring my partner?

Yes. 75% of the delegates bring a partner. The social and tour program is busy enough to ensure that any partners will not get bored.

Can I travel alone?

Yes. There is usually half a dozen to a dozen delegates travelling alone. You can choose to have your own room (charges apply) or we can try to match you with a suitable roommate. 

Can I bring my children?

We try to organise family friendly conferences every couple of years which are in school holidays and child friendly. These will be identified on the web site as family friendly. For all other conference, we do not allow children.

Can I travel with a group of friends?

Yes. If you book with a group of 6 or more friends we may be able to organise a discount. Please contact us before booking.

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