Confirmed Speakers

Confirmed speakers will be notified by the Program Co-Ordinator once the Academic Advisory Committee has sent an invitation to present.

Confirmation and agreement
Once you have been confirmed as a speaker you will receive a speaker’s agreement and registration form that you are required to read, sign and return. You will be put in contact with our travel agent managing the tour.

Travel partners
You are encouraged to bring your partner or other travel companion to the conference. You will be advised of the discounted cost for your companion. 

Social functions
Unconventional Conventions conferences and tours promote a strong sense of collegiality and interaction amongst participants. As you will be part of the travel group, you are required to attend the welcome cocktail party and farewell dinner to meet and mingle with the delegates. 

Topics and extracts
On confirmation, following discussion with the conference co-ordinator, you will be required to email your topic titles with a short extract for each presentation. A learning outcome for each topic should be provided by you. In addition, a brief CV and photo is required.

Presentation format
You should present interesting, engaging and informative presentations based on latest evidence. You can choose to use a powerpoint presentation, a structured discussion with case studies, structured group activities or hands-on practical sessions; or a combination of the above. Please discuss the format with the program co-ordinator. You will have 1 hour for each topic including at least 10 minutes for discussion and Q & A.

Our delegates are generally established health practitioners in the mid to late stages of their professional careers. Approximately 70% are general practitioners, with the balance working in a wide range of specialities. Due to the broad range of expertise in the audience, you are encouraged to engage with the delegates in open discussion and sharing of experiences during your presentations.

Conference Program
The conference co-ordinator will put together the timing and structure of the program along with the evaluation forms containing your LEARNING OUTCOMES. These will be sent to you 4-8 weeks prior to the conference for you to check and advise any changes.

Conference materials
If your presentations require delegates to have any materials or papers to use during the conference, please inform the conference co-ordinator so that this can be included in the individual conference satchels which are sent out 4-6 weeks prior to departure.

Conference papers and slides
Formal papers are not required. You will need to provide a preliminary copy of your powerpoint slides to the program co-ordinator 10 days prior to departure so they can be checked for compatibility with the conference computer. This can be done via email, dropbox link, YOUSENDIT or USB stick.
After the conference, your presentation slides will need to be made available to be uploaded onto a password-protected site on the Unconventional Conventions webpage for use by delegates of that conference only.