BOOK REVIEW: Nathaniel's Nutmeg

Nathaniel's Nutmeg: How One Man's Courage Changed the Course of History
By Giles Milton
Part swash-buckling yarn and part well-researched history, this book is set in the Banda Islands, part of the Spice Islands, the corner of the world where precious nutmeg was grown. The book describes the bitter and ruthless race between the great naval powers of the English and Dutch to corner the nutmeg market in the 17th century. Nutmeg was believed to cure the plague which was rampaging through Europe at the time. It sold in Europe for ridiculous sums, making it an extremely profitable commodity. Nearly every spice island fell to Dutch control, until an English merchant, Nathaniel Courthope, and a few colleagues were able to sneak in and declare British sovereignty over the islands. Eventually, the Dutch recaptured the islands in exchange for New Amsterdam (now Manhattan!).
Milton’s book provides a meaningful insight into the history of the Spice Islands.

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