Unconventional Conventions and Convention Travel Merger

For the past 10 years, Convention Travel has managed the travel arrangements exclusively for Unconventional Conventions delegates. In July 2018, the two businesses merged into one organisation; Unconventional Conventions.

We are in the process of updating our website to our new domain: www.unconventional.com.au In this process, all staff emails will change to the new address, eg, mark@unconventional.com.au

UC and CT Merger 2.jpg

Unconventional Conventions is now an accredited travel agency and accredited education provider. By combining both aspects of the business, we are able to create a more seamless conference package and travel experience. Our team has always worked closely together, but the new structure facilitates a more streamlined operation. 

We are continuously working on improving our systems and processes to ensure you have the best experience from the moment you visit our website, right through the booking process and to the trip itself. Working as a single unit we will be able to add a more personal touch to your interactions with our team.

Previous entities: Unconventional Conventions Pty Limited (‘UC’) ABN 12 065 037 149 ACN 065 037 149 and Convention Travel Pty Limited (‘CT’) ABN 85 130 423 442

The New Entity: Unconventional Conventions ABN 85 130 423 442

Both entities are listed under the Terms and Conditions of all exisiting bookings, so there will be no effect on exisiting bookings. The new merged business will maintain the ABN of Convention Travel, which will be changing names to Unconventional Conventions. Unconventional Conventions will continue to maintain funds in a trust account in compliance with past requirements in the travel industry.

Photography and Art exhibitions

by Mark Cunich and Lynne Podgorski

An exhibition of photographs and paintings inspired by an Unconventional Conventions journeys over the past few years. From the Spice Islands to Antarctica,  and from Mongolia to the Kimberley - this exhibition covers a range of colourful landscapes and portraits. 

This exhibition is part of the Greenwich Art Trail, which showcases a diverse range of works by 26 talented local artists, including oil, watercolour and pastel artworks, bronze, ceramic and wooden sculptures, photography, ceramic wares, jewellery, hand-printed textiles, garden ornaments and gift cards. All the work is spread across 19 sites, including private studios, galleries and home spaces which are usually closed to the public.

For more information visit: http://greenwichvillageartstrail.com.au/ 

Exhibition dates: 4th & 5th November 2017 ONLY

Gallery opening hours: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Admission: Free

Address: 16 Mitchell Road, Greenwich, NSW 2026