Becoming a Speaker

Unconventional Conventions combines high quality continued education with unique travel experiences. Our programs are developed by medical professionals for medical professionals.  

We accept no sponsorship from big business; no drug companies, no software providers, no publishers or any other service provider. This gives us a free hand in designing the professional program to suit our delegates without pushing any other agendas. 

Our programs are individually designed to address topics of current interest and relevance to our professions and practices. We are an accredited education provider for the RACGP, have our activities accredited by ACCRM colleges, and have provided CPD to health  practitioners in numerous fields. 

Academic Advisory Committee

Our Academic Advisory Committees, comprised of practitioners from a range of fields of practice, endeavour to source the best possible speakers to provide a series of presentations, workshops, case studies and panel discussions for each conference.

Topics are chosen based on a combination of current developments in Australia and local issues relevant to the host country. 

Speakers are selected by the committee based on relevance, experience and by recommendation. 

Program Co-Ordinator

The program co-ordinator works with the committee, speakers and tour organises to schedule the conference program and topics. 


Anyone can apply to be a speaker by simply completing the online form with details of their qualifications, areas of expertise, and suggested topics. Speakers will need to demonstrate past experience and knowledge in their field as well as expertise in being a conference speaker. 

All speakers will be considered by the committee and invited to speak approximately 12 months before the conference.  

Delegates who have registered to attended a conference are also welcome to make a presentation. Simply complete the speaker application form and the committee will contact you if your topic is relevant to the program.  

Compensation for presentations

Compensation for presenting at the conference will be arranged with the program co-ordinator. 

Sponsorship from pharmaceuticals companies and others are not accepted.    

Topics and Extracts

Speakers are requested to provide topics and a brief extract for each presentation as soon as the invitation has been accepted. In addition, a brief CV and photo of the speaker is required. 

Unconventional Conventions will use these to promote the conference content within the specialty and to a wider audience.  

Social Functions and Networking

Speakers are required to attend social functions throughout the program, including the welcome drinks and gala dinner, which are great opportunities to network with fellow delegates. 


Our delegates are generally established health practitioners in the mid to late stages of their professional careers. Approximately 70% are general practitioners, with the balance working in a wide range of specialties. 

Due to the wide range of expertise in the audience, delegates are invited to engage in open discussion and sharing of experiences. 

Content format

Speakers should present interesting, engaging, and informative presentations. The speakers can chose to present using powerpoint slides, facilitating a structured discussion, running group activates or managing hands-on practicals. The program usually allows for 1-hour lectures. 

The format of the presentations should be discussed with the program co-ordinator in advance. 

Conference Venues

Over the years our conference venues have been wide and varied. From train carriages through the Tran-Siberian wilderness to presentation rooms on ships in the Antarctic Ocean; from safari tents in the Masai Mara to old palaces in India. We aim to find traditional classroom style conference rooms, but our priority is to use locations that facilitate an interactive environment.